March, 2015
Commodores Corner

Do you notice the increasing amount of daylight, can summer be far off? With spring just around the corner the Yacht Squadron will start to come alive. On Sat April 25th will be the Annual Spring Clean-Up. It’s a great day to meet other members and spruce up the club before the season starts. The 2015 annual fund raiser is scheduled for June 13th at 6:00 pm. This year Kristin Smyth has graciously volunteered to Chair this popular event. Committees are forming for all aspects of the fundraiser. Give the club a call to volunteer or donate an item to the Live, Silent or Chinese Auctions. The Summer Sailing Series will start on Saturday June 8th and run for 8 weeks. This year we are encouraging all members to participate. The series will include the Flying Scots, Laser, Optimist, Sunfish, SS and 420 Classes. We are extending an invitation to the Shinnecock and Moriches Yacht Club for a minimal fee. Spread the word, the racing should prove to be exciting.

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Janet Jurgielewicz
WYS Commodore

Where are you at the start? Part 2

CC Pic

When lining up for a starboard tack start on a port biased line you need to be much closer to the line than with a starboard biased line. Gary is actually twice as far from the line in sailing terms. Gary’s only solution is to tack onto port now, accept starting at the wrong end, but be thankful for clear wind. Charlie failed to check the starboard layline to the pin. There is no way he will be able to get around the pin without fouling. He needs to bail out now, bear away and tack onto port and try to find a way through the fleet into clear wind. ‘Nice’ Nick was lined up with a minute to go for a perfect starboard tack start. He failed to control the pin.
As Alec approached, Nick should have bore off hard aiming straight at Alec’s bow, to force Alec to bear off behind. A sharp luff would then regain his controlling position above the starboard tack lay-line. If this failed, and Alec managed to tack close without infringing, Nick could either continue with speed behind Alec’s transom, then luff to the controlling leeward position, or concede the pin to Alec, luffing to slow down and create a gap between them. This is his only option now. Pete wants to have his cake and eat it. He knows there is more wind on the right hand side of the course, but wants the line bias as well. He needs to ensure he is the only candidate for a port tack start, and be sure that the starboard approachers are going to be late. He needs perfect time on distance awareness, and to approach the pin on a beam reach for maximum acceleration. He also needs dark glasses and a fall back plan.

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