April, 2015

April is definitely a busy month! Hope to see you all at Spring Clean-up Saturday April 25th at 9:00 am. It’s a great way to help spruce up the club and meet all the other great members who come down and volunteer. The day is being chaired by Past Commodore/ Board Participant Ed Surgan, many of our Board of Directors have stepped up to oversee projects planned for the day. Many hands make light work- new members, lifetime members, families, sailors, non-sailors there is always a way to pitch in. At the same time Carl Skeris- Past Commodore/Board Director is overseeing the major pool repairs and if all goes well should be opened as scheduled.
For all you Sailors- the sailing events and calendar are complete, for the 2015 season by Jim Hulme- our Vice Commodore/ Director of Sailing, Dave Hale- Board Director/GSBYRA 2nd Vice President. As a side note the WYS has been a member of the Greater South Bay Yacht Racing Association (GSBYRA) since 1922. Doug Graham- Past Commodore/Board Director has tirelessly advocated for many years as our WYS GSBYRA delegate. In the coming weeks members boats will be appearing on the beach. Please register all boats with Nanci our club manager. This year a section of the beach will be designated for the WYS Sunfish fleet sailing in summer racing series. Sundy Schermeyer-Board Director/ Sunfish Fleet Captain, can answer any questions regarding participating in the Sunfish fleet. For all the Opti Sailors Jim Schultz- Board Director/Liaison to Children’s Activities, along with Head Sailing Instructor, John Zambriski have built and organized storage for sails and equipment- freeing up space in the locker room. I hope you have time to enjoy the “Club” this season. Get out on the water, Swim in the pool, Hit a few tennis balls- take time to notice all the volunteer work that keeps the Club a great place to be.

Janet Jurgielewicz
WYS Commodore

Sailing Rules:

You’re on starboard tack racing upwind, and a port tack boat hails, “Tack or Cross?”
What rules apply, how should your respond? How should Port respond?

CC Pic

Rules: Rule 10- On Opposite Tacks, Rule 16- Changing Course, Rule 14- Avoiding Contact (always
You are on starboard, and Port Hails “Tack or Cross” First off, one option is to do or say nothing.
You are not required to respond. The burden is all on Port. Port is asking you to not enforce one of
the right of way rules, and you should do so ONLY IF IT IS IN YOUR INTEREST. Hail “Cross” and wave
Port by only if: Port would likely (or very nearly) cross anyhow. You are going the right way and don’t
want Port tacking near you. If Port could not cross then say NOTHING. Be prepared to pick up speed so to head of Port so they cannot cross. IF YOU WANT To TACK, then Hail Port, “Tack” and Tack as she does.

WYS Celebrates 125 Years!

wys-history-book-001 wys-history-book-002

Written by Betsy Craz
Edited by Tracy Cast

This is the third in a chronological series of the Westhampton Yacht Squadron’s life cycle, spanning the years of 1890 to 2015. The first installment covers 1890 to 1963 when the tradition of organized racing on Moriches Bay first began…


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