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WYS Summer Sailing Event Volunteers - Below is a list of the WYS Racing Events with the currently signed up volunteers. Also, past year's WYS Racing Event Volunteers.

The Race Committee is a major component of WYS sailboat racing, and volunteers are needed. Help out WYS Racing by volunteering for the Race Committee. Members are also needed to provide Safety Patrol Boats and/or to volunteer to be on a Safety Patrol Boat. We can use your support!

A list of all events and currently signed up volunteers will be posted in the main clubhouse on the bulletin board where members can sign up.

Contact Dave Kisla at for more information.

2020 WYS Summer Sailing Events Current Signup Sheet as of 03/11/20:
WYS 2020 Race Event Current Volunteer 

Past WYS Summer Sailing Events Volunteers:

2019 WYS Racing Event Volunteers
2018 WYS Racing Event Volunteers
2017 WYS Racing Event Volunteers