Tennis Lessons and Fees – Summer 2015

Placement based on child’s grade/age as of September 2015.

Tennis for Tots

  • Fee: $70
  • Ages: 5-6 years old
  • Available Classes: Monday/Wednesday 11-11:30, Monday/Wednesday 11:30-12 OR       Tuesday/Thursday 11-11:30, Tuesday/Thursday   11:30-12
  • Description: An introduction to Tennis for our youngest players. Will introduce students to basic skills like hand-eye coordination and footwork. Students will engage in forehand and backhand play using low compression balls.

Beginner Classes

  • Fee: $175
  • Ages: 7-9
  • Available Classes: Monday/Wednesday 10-11, Monday/Wednesday 1-2 OR       Tuesday/Thursday 10-11, Tuesday/Thursday 1-2
  • Description: This class is designed to build a passion for tennis. Students will develop forehand, backhand, and serving skills. Students will also be introduced to net play and game strategies.

Intermediate Classes

    • Fee: $175
    • Ages: 10+
  • Available Classes: Monday/Wednesday 8-9, Monday/Wednesday 9-10 OR       Tuesday/Thursday 8-9, Tuesday/Thursday 9-10
  • Description: This class is for our more experienced players. We will build upon skills mastered in beginner classes. Students will learn new strategies such as ball placement, reaction time, spin and various game strategies. We will also encourage game play during these lessons for students to utilize singles and doubles strategies.