The Squadron is a member to The Great South Bay Yacht Racing Association, which, in turn, is a member of the Y.S. Yacht Racing Union. Our Members have courtesy privileges in many yacht clubs throughout the world. Members may compete in Midgets, Juniors, Women’s and Men’s Single-handed eliminations at local and regional levels culminating at the national finals.

Multi-class championship races are held each Saturday in the summer. Sunfish races are held on Wednesday evenings.

GSBYRA invitationals and eliminations and SS association races are held throughout the season. There is also a Fall Series for the hardy Sunfish sailors.

Over the years, the classes of boats have changed. The Star, with its deep keel, disappeared, as our bay grew shallower. AA’s Moriches Bays, Indians, Shore Birds and Small Sloops were popular in the twenties and forties. Narrasketucks and Lightings in the forties and fifties gave way to the high performance Dinghy type boats such as the tipsy Jollyboat and the Sailfish. In the sixties, Flying Scots, Force 5’s 420’s, Y Flyers and Sunfish appeared. The only old, wooden lady that is still with us is the S.S., a boat indigenous to the Moriches Bay area. Originally she was called the Special Sloop, but later became know as the Small Sloop.

The present fleet of sailboats racing or used for instruction purposes at the yacht club include Flying Scott, Optimist, JY-15’s, Sunfish and S.S.


The Great South Bay Yacht Racing Association (GSBYRA) is the local authority and governing body that supervises and promotes in this area of Long Island and is comprised of eighteen yacht clubs. It is the avenue that all sailors of all ages take to race against each other in the elimination process that advances to the national level. The GSBYRA is a volunteer organization as is supported by yacht club individual dues.

The association coordinates regattas, runs a race week, holds elimination races for men and women, juniors and midgets, etc. It gives awards, trophies, publishes a yearbook and provides a scholarship fun for young sailors.