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How do you become a member?
You must fill out an application which is available on our website, have 2 Charter Members sponsor you with a letter from each, they must also sign application. Turn in paper work to office. Your application will be reviewed at the next scheduled Board Meeting which is held the second Saturday of each month.
When does Session I and Session II start for lessons?
Session I starts Monday, June 26th  2017 and runs to Friday, July 21st  2017. Session II starts Monday, July 24th  2017 and runs to Friday, August 18th 2017.
How do I register for classes?
Log into our website and follow the Lesson Tab to the sport you would like to sign up for and follow registration instruction. Payment must be made after registration. If there is a 30 minute lapse in time it will cancel your registration.
When does the pool open?
The opening of the pool will be emailed and posted on website.
Can we use the tennis court?
The tennis court is now open for members and guests of members. When tennis lessons start on June 26th the court will be closed to open play during lesson hours.
What are the snack bar hours?
The snack bar hours will be emailed and posted on the website once we have the date for opening.
May we bring quests to Clubhouse?
Yes, you may bring guests a limited amount of times during the season. They would need to be registered with the office. Just a quick phone call or an email can take care of it.
Is the Clubhouse available for private parties?
The Clubhouse is available for private parties by members, except on days which Club events are taking place and only from Mid September to June 1st. You can contact the office for more information at #631-325-8321.
When are dues due?
Invoices for annual dues are usually sent out at the end of December for the following year. Dues will be considered late after February 15th and a late fee will be charged. If dues are still not paid by March 15th your membership will be considered cancelled for that calendar year.
Can we pay our dues by credit cards?
Yes, you can call the office or come in and pay by credit card. Please note, if you pay by credit card there will be an extra 3% added to your account.
How do we get a Log Book?
New Log Books are handed out at every Flag Raising Ceremony. If you cannot make the Flag Raising that’s not a problem, the next time you are at the Club just go to the office and Eileen will be happy to give you a new Log Book. The Log Book is now available to view on our website under the Resource Tab.