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The 2017 GSBYRA Westhampton Invitational will be held on Saturday, July 29, 2017.

Eligibility and Entry: The representative of the boat being registered must be a member of a GSBYRA full-member club. All skippers must register their boats and crew online at The direct link to register is   
The schedule for the race day will be as follows:

  Registration 0800

Skippers’ Meeting 0945 (15 minutes earlier than in NOR/SI - change will be posted)

Warning Signal, 1st Race 1030
No Races will start after 1400

Awards 1430 (approx)

See Notice of Race (NOR) and Sailing Instructions (SI) for full details.

NOR - 2017 GSBYRA Invitational at WYS (issued May 15, 2017)
SI - 2017 GSBYRA Invitational at WYS (revised July 25, 2017)
Attachment A - WYS Race Course Diagrams (version 03Apr2017)